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11-15-2012, 08:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
No sir, I advocate the use of all data.
That is NOT your position on the matter and you got caught doing just that. Using only Adjusted Stats as an answer to which you continue to try and rationalize that decision/fact after the fact with posts like this.
What are you talking about? I saw what I saw, and the numbers say what they say. We were comparing two players whose value is almost exclusively on offense... and the data showed that one was more valuable in terms of total adjusted production (although close) and the more context that was brought in (goals instead of points... ES production which I value more highly... ES effectiveness which is very important as well), the larger the gap got, until it becomes obvious who the better player was during that period. I know that there is no evidence which is going to convince me otherwise at that point, since the margin is too substantial, so there's no reason to include other inconclusive evidence.

If the comparison was Langway to Chara, then I can see why adjusted production wouldn't be very important, and that other more subjective data would need to be given added importance. Of course, the conclusion would be much less certain, since the data used is much more subjective.

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