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11-15-2012, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Gobias Industries View Post
Did the players write their own contracts them and forge Leipold's signature?

They were signed in good faith.

I will never understand individuals expecting players to just roll back their salaries, can you imagine that happening to you by your employer? I know I wouldn't really be keen on it happening.

Anyway, timelines are inconsequential as well. We're all well aware of the ramifications of delaying, but there certainly hasn't been a palpable sense of urgency despite how long it took the PA to get to the table.
so if your employer came to you and said. Can you take a 24 percent reduction now and over the next 7 years get 50 percent increase you would say no? or how bout now... Take a 12 percent reduction to take an expected 30 percent raise you would say no? I'd jump at that chance

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