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11-15-2012, 08:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Pinnerdink View Post
Won't Fehr just respond to this by saying

"The PA does not support this, we actually want to try to make a deal"

...And then just sit on their hands like usual?

The NHL looks like they are purposefully not negotiating and the PA can continue to play chicken while at least publically looking like they want to do something.

I dont understand this move from the owners perspective??
The owners are willing to look like the bad guys by propositioning the PA. Either it will lead to the PA making the first move back to the table or it will create a standstill which is no different that what we've seen already in this process, only difference is that this standstill will be official.

If the PA says they don't support it and want to make a deal and then sit on their hands for two weeks, the league will simply say that the PA didn't want to take the break because they said they wanted to make a deal...except they did nothing.

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