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Originally Posted by Gatorade View Post
If a player that was traded wasn't shopped around for the best deal than another reason to fire Burke.
Originally Posted by Whydidijoin View Post

Not if you got the player you wanted, or a player you value more.

I'm sure when the rumours started in December, any GM with a serious offer mentioned it to Burke. We also don't know who Burke talked to right before the trade went down to see if there was anything better.

That still doesn't mean he was shopped, especially not when Burke made that quote.

It's not just

"Hey I got a player"
"I got a player too"
"Let's trade"
*Hangs up*

There is a process that you clearly don't understand.
Collin Wilson versus JVR

Listening to offers <> shopping player.

Letting everyone in the entire industry know a player is available <> shopping player.

He confirms and denies in the same sentence.


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