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Originally Posted by ULF_55 View Post
That makes two of you.

I really don't care which prospects outside of Rielly he uses to land Luongo.

I don't consider Gardiner a prospect.
I don't even think Burke himself knows anymore, I really think he just wants to throw anything at the wall he can and hope it works. He says hes building from the net out yet brings in over the hill guys like Gerber/Gus and then tries luring in over seas dark horses, it's as if for goaltending he's just collecting as many as possible and hope one turns out, yet its clear he hasn't done much research into it. Burke says he wants a "beligrent" team yet goes out and gets as many ballerinas (Kessel, Lombardi, Versteeg, Kadri, Connolly) that he can find. The product Burke has promised VS the one that actually exists are two different ends of the extreme, it's like night and day.

I really think this is Burke's problem, his ego! The guy loves to hear himself speak, and he lets "principles" get in his way of building this team properly. If he would just shut his big mouth and ignore his "principles" I really believe this leafs team would be a lot better then what it is.

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