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11-15-2012, 09:01 PM
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Originally Posted by madgoat33 View Post
all the tds we were getting from sts are now coming from the defense.

And yes, this defense could be better. This is the best our secondary has ever looked under smith. Dline is about the same, and I guess LB's are worse since they are older.

Notice how even the chicago media has been talking about the disappointing season the bears offense has had the past two weeks? For most of us in the real world, the time to make excuses for cutler and the offense is over. He's been mediocre and the offense has been largely bad.

Cutler being our best QB says absolutely nothing about how good he is. The bears have had something like 20 different starting qbs the past 13 seasons. if any of them were good, he'd probably still be here. The offensive line had one of their best games on sunday night, and cutler had one of his worst(but we can just attribute that to the rain, right?). The problems aren't all on the line, cutler frequently holds the ball too long, and then he compounds the problem by refusing to ever throw the ball away, exposing himself to even more hits and more lost yardage. Add questionable playcalling from a guy who never should have gotten the coordinating job in the first place, and you end up with an offense ranked bottom 5 in pretty much every category but rushing.

is it though? Its not like the guys on the score are doctors, so just because they mock callers doesn't mean its out of the realm of possibility that cutler's diabetes has and can effect his play.
He's a multi-million dollar athlete. I'm sure he knows how to control his sugar levels to perform at his peak on Sunday.

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