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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
tough to argue either way, professionally no. That being said the "best offer" has been improved. This is a negotiation, the players are trying to keep as much as they can. They are losing and will lose this deal, they are just trying to secure as much as possible. From that perspective, yes it does make sense and it's working. The NHL is too concerned with Fehr now. The Fehr brothers are a great good cop, bad cop team.

You could argue the NHL's behavior has been questionalbe also. Gary said no one wants to see Hockey back as soon as possible. I must have missed the fine print where he would ask for 2 weeks to stall talks??? it must have been the same fine print used in the "best offer" where the players pay themselves out of future revenues.

Both sides are equally poor here.
I think the PA was idiotic after about the first week of November.

They're at the point of no return where so much money has been lost that no deal will help them gain back more financially.

If they were smart, they'd counter, Keep UFA/arbitration the same, accept make-whole/linkage(maybe add in a few million on tom). Ask for 12 year contract limits and keep the 5% variance stuff. The NHL has given them numerous small benefits in their offer(Single hotel rooms, more medical and training personell etc.).

Just end it seriously, there isnt much room to move for the PA, anywhere but directly towards the NHL's offer will get tossed out the door.

Do they want to miss another 100-200 million dollars in paycheques?

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