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Originally Posted by DL44 View Post
And i would argue its a function of there being no hard cap.
The markets listed can not sustain high payrolls yr over yr with the knowledge they will and can always be outbid for talent but the top teams where the soft cap does not matter to them.

I think it's a no brainer that if you throw a cap on that league, those teams listed would be rotating regularly into the postseason as the salary/talent starts to spread across the league...

All revenue sharing does is enable those teams to exist in order to bring in the national tv contracts they need.

So i don't think Revenue Sharing is the evil in baseball... its the lack of a cap...
Loria gave himself a salary of 10m because he was the exrcutive of something something. People are good at finding loopholes. There is enough loop holes in revenue sharing that i am sure that its easy to take money from revenue sharing in a "legit" manner.

Loria is scum. And he is a great argument for why revenue sharing doesnt work. If your making money do you really care about winning? The people that lose in that scenario are fans. Everyone on this board is a fan so we should be pulling for what is in the best interest for us. Make our favorite teams work for their money so the fans of all 30 teams have something to cheer for

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