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Originally Posted by KaylaJ View Post
Understandable, but what happens if things aren't fixed again? What happens when this upcoming CBA doesn't work? You'll be dealing with players crying poor again saying the owners don't know even though they don't have any answers either. We'll all be back on this same carousel of childish name calling and trying to tear the other apart. I'm not on either side because I have a hard time seeing them talk about trust and good faith when they both know they can't be honest with the other side without being screwed.
depends, I could see some contract issues next time around maybe but with 50/50 I dont see much of an issue with HRR next time around.

Plus a huge amount of revenue sharing is being added now, so most likely the league will be much more stable as a whole. This CBA will be quite a good thing for a league. At least within this kind of system.

only problem is the cap, that may get out of hand too fast but it's hard to predict.

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