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Originally Posted by kb View Post
Oh, I wasn't aware that a Triple Crown could be won in one game....if this is your only viable comeback, you should probably give up at this point, and come back another day...
your're arguing hte wrong thing. Scion's retort was entirely toward an argument based on the rarity of the event. The time frame involved was never a factor in the argument.

The argument was that the triple crown is a rarity in baseball, therefore deserving of MVP.

the retort was that if rarity of the feat was a significant and deciding factor, then should we not consider Josh Hamilton's 4-HR game given its similar rarity?

The whole point was that it was a ridiculous statement to make, for the purposes of pointing out how ridiculous it is to say that the rarity of an event informs its importance or value.

And since those of you who dislike sabr stats tend to just mock/ignore/dismiss anything resembling a number that's not traditionally on the back of a baseball card, let's look at it this way:

Mike Trout's team won more games. He put up a historically incredible season without playing the entire season's worth of games, did it at a position where offence of that caliber is not the norm, did it as a young player in his first year in the league, and while providing outstanding defence and an additional dimension of speed, neither of which Cabrera provided. His season is equally historically rare and incredible as the triple crown. The only differentiators are that a) the Angels were in a tougher division with two other good teams that Trout and the Angels have no control over the # of wins accumulated by, whereas the Tigers played in a division that was much weaker and which they only won (and made the playoffs) because Kansas City fell apart in the latter portion of hte season) and b) What trout did doesn't have a fancy label applied to it like "triple crown" to inflate its importance or glamour.

There. No mention of UZR or wrc+ or any of those other scary acronyms and numbers that only nerds who live in their parents' basement understand.


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