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11-15-2012, 09:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
I'm with you, I think Fehr has done a great job for the players in terms of getting what was not in the NHL's "best offer". If they will discuss the contract rights and the PA still says no, then I would probably support the owners. I do believe, however, the contract rights gets this deal done. When you put an ultimatium down that says you can get your "make whole" that seems to be iffy on actually being "make whole" only if you accept everything we say... I dont' see how that helps anyone. League got to 50/50, PA gets make whole, the rest should be negotiated. neither should accept that's all I'm taking or giving.
I think he did a solid job until the beginning of November. He definitely made the owners give in especially with this make-whole offer.

But He needs to accept linkage and then the league will become lenient on the contract issues.

I'm on the PA's side with the contract issues, only the 5% variance is important(and maybe a 10-12 year limit just in case) everything else is just unneccesary.

But I dont think the NHL will budge on that until linkage/hrr is agreed upon.

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