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Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
They may well have thought Pouliot was BPA.

But if - as you suggested - they defer to picking defensemen because they've shown they can develop them (and shy away from selecting a highly-skilled forward because they don't have confidence they can develop him), then that would go beyond BPA, and be a serious problem that would need to get addressed rather than avoided.
Just a question about any defense-man being pinned as the BPA...

How often has the NHL (ie any team) actually identified the BPA on defense and picked him? How many times has the best defenseman in a draft been picked before any other Dman?

The point is that the entire NHL has been very poor at identifying who the good defenders are, so what makes us think the Pens are any better at it? I stand by a more sound methodology of taking forwards only with top 10 picks. Save your gambles on goaltenders and defensemen for the later rounds.

Almost all the forward talent is gobbled up early on, but elite defenders and goaltenders still creep in the late 1st/2nd rounds. You are generally wasting a top 10 pick on a defender IMO. Too much risk that he is just a standard NHL defenseman (see Komaserik, Bouwmeester, Erik Johnson, Jack Johnson ). A top 10 forward is much more likely a fringe all star on average (which is a great player). Top 10 picked defenders are generally just NHLers.

Ask yourself where Chara, Lindstrom, Weber, or even Letang were drafted (all arguably BPA on defense)?

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