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11-15-2012, 10:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Shawnathon View Post
Five teams interested is NOTHING for a goalie who is arguably top 5 in the league as of right now. You realize that, right?
you do realize 5 teams is 5 MORE THAN NONE which is what the user I quoted said right? Obviously there isn't going to be a big market when he has a NTC. Rick Nash had a NMC and because of that the market was only 5 teams as well so does that mean there was no interest in Nash?

Also considering how most teams already have more than capable starters why would they acquire an upgrade at a position not really needed at the cost of other positions.

Anaheim has a former top 10 goalie who is still good, Boston has Rask, Buffalo has a top 10 goalie, Calgary has a top 10 goalie, Carolina has a top 10-15 goalie, Colorado acquired a young goalie last year, Columbus just acquired a goalie so they won't be in the market, Dallas has a top 15 goalie, Detroit has a top 15 goalie, LA has a top 2 goalie, Minnesota has a top 10-15 goalie, Montreal has a top 10 goalie, Nashville has a top 5 goalie, NJ has one of the best goalies of all time, NYI has a former top 10 goalie who is still good, NYR has a top 2 goalie, Philly has a former top 10 goalie who their stuck with, Phoenix has a goalie coming off a spectacular year, Pittsburgh has a top 10-15 goalie, St.Louis has 2 goalies who are coming off great years, Tampa Bay just got a goalie, Washington has 2 decent goalies.

That leaves Chicago who's goalie was pretty good a year prior but declined this year, Edmonton who has a young goalie who did decent this past year and an expensive backup who could start, Florida who's tandem did pretty good and have the best goalie prospect, Ottawa who has a more than capable starter along with 2 good up coming goalies, San Jose who has a goalie who won a cup and is an alright starter, and then Toronto who is the only team without a capable starter.

Realistically only Toronto needs a major upgrade in net as the other 2 teams who did already got goalies so they most likely aren't in the market for one anymore. So 5 teams to be interested is pretty good seeing how only 6 may have interest and only one has a dire need for an upgrade

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