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11-15-2012, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by kb View Post
A Triple Crown is a rare event, however it is a season long event. It has historical significance to traditionalists. His analogy was a single game event. I would suggest that he undermined his position by not using an example that is relevant 'in context' to the discussion at hand. Not sure if you saw my edit, but I personally would have leaned towards Trout for MVP as well. However, the traditionalist in me recognizes the rarity of an achievement that has historically been considered the pinnacle of offensive greatness (rightly or wrongly).
which has been explicitly stated multiple times as not being relevant to the point that was being made with it.

It doesn't make the selection of Cabrera wrong....nowhere in the MVP voting process does it say that it the MVP must be based on advanced metrics.
and nowhere here has it been said that should be part of the process. That is completely irrelevant here. The point is that the decision should be made properly, with deference to any and all information that can help frame the decision properly. If it happens to be advanced metrics, fine. If not, equally fine. "the triple crown is a rare thing" is not a something that can properly frame the arguement. What Mike Trout did as a 20 year old and as a CF is equally rare, if not rarer. The only difference is that it doesn't have a nickname applied to it like the triple crown does.


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