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Originally Posted by rt View Post
I can definitely understand the affluent community part, but aren't outlet malls a whole bunch of department stores in a row? Aren't they usually way the heck out in the boonies? Isn't buying last year's department store stock at a huge discount a pretty big draw?

I don't know, I'm way, way out of my element.
Well first off no I wouldn't say they are all the same. An outlet mall is only as good as the products it carries and for relatively cheap prices. Look at the outlets in Casa Grande, they are a complete ghost town, hardly any stores even remain. Regardless, you didn't initially compare to outlets, you compared Westgate area to the 2 Fashion malls and those are very different. Those are not discount outlets, they are current "trend setting" (while it's true, I still hated typing that) shopping mall destinations. You don't go to either of the Fashion Centers to buy overstock, defects, weird sizes or **** people flat out didn't want at super cheap prices, it's exactly the opposite.

About the only way the outlets at Westgate could have enough pull to really help Westgate would be if they turned into the ones like they have in Cabazon but I highly highly doubt it! Even then it likely wouldn't matter because people travel to those to save money, not to splurge. If you owned a Wendy's in Westgate you'd be set but an actual restaurant, yeah I wouldn't hold my breath.

I think the biggest problem with Westgate is that without the Coyotes people outside of the immediate area just won't go there, it's just not enough of a destination. I can see the outlet helping it but without an anchor tenant, I don't think the businesses can survive.

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