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11-15-2012, 10:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
As opposed to the mid 90's through till the '04 lockout when only the teams with money could compete for the Cup while the teams without money sucked
Actually the Rangers and Leafs and Flyers and probably a few more like Boston if they'd spend could've competed for cups with better drafting/mgmt. Colorado/NJ won 5 cups between them and 6 finals appearances between 95-2003 and these were certainly not two of the richer teams in the league. I think it's just a myth what others say here. What these teams had were elite elite core players. Roy/Forsberg/Sakic/Foote and Brodeur/Stevens/Niedermayer/Devils relied on many different high end fwds.

Let's not forget that in 03/04, TB/Cgy competed for the cup and TB got there as a result of mgmt and drafting Lecavelier/Richards and acquiring Boyle/St. Louis. I think it's a myth what they say about $ back then. Of course a poorer team did worst in the standings right now and they couldn't compete for a cup but atm with a $60-70 M salary cap, do you really expect NYI or Phx to compete for a cup? They might do well in the playoffs but they're never gonna win until they spend at least $10 M more and shore up some major deficiencies.

No what happened back then was that teams over-emphasized $ instead of development/maintaining draft picks. NYR was one of the best teams in the league last season and that had a lot to do with their own development and also some good GM moves like acquiring a prospect (McDonagh) and then developing him. Around 2000 the Rangers would just try to buy a cup, the result wasn't so good for them so even back then you couldn't "buy a cup."

I think there needs to be a balance here. Allow for a salary cap and maybe a luxury one at that so we can see teams remain competitive for a longer period of time while at the same time having more competition than before. It's normal even in the most successful leagues to have 5 or so completely crap teams. Today's NHL emphasizes drafting and developing prospects, young players are simply worth more and it wouldn't change the philosophy even if they hypothetically got rid of the cap.

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