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11-15-2012, 10:10 PM
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I don't think Daly is reaching out to players. I think Daly is sounding the war horn. Whether it's a threat they're going to make good on remains to be seen, but his comments are calculated. Everything said by the league and PA are calculated. Why make a rash of comments about the union and Fehr at this moment? I think the league must know that taken this action while it could put severe pressure on the union, it could have the opposite effect and make them more unified. I have to think that the league has taken this into consideration and it's possible that they've decided that if the latter is the result of their comments, then they're prepared to lose the season.

Again, could just be a threat that they don't plan on cashing in on but at the very least, I think they want their comments to make the PA think just how much further they're willing to push them because their comments SEEM like the line has finally been drawn in the sand.

This drama is better than regurgitation of old lockout news anyway. If both sides are going to be stubborn ***** about it, they might as well give me some good material to be entertained with.

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