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11-15-2012, 10:12 PM
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5-3 win for Barrie. It was a really awesome game, I'm glad I was in attendance. Galchenyuk finished with 2 assists.

Galchenyuk showed off some really good skills in the first period. He was quiet for the most part, but I was really impressed with what he can with the puck. Watching him on TV doesn't to his hands. There was multiple times where he flipped he puck over the defenceman's stick just enough. He didn't flick it too high, just enough so the defenceman couldn't reach it. He also had some crazy good passes. There was one shift where he stole the puck twice on one shift. His saucer passes are beautiful. They just raise enough off the ice to go over the stick and made it on the tape almost every time. His teammates had no trouble whatsoever trapping his passes, really impressed. In the second Galchenyuk picked up his play. He was all over the ice and make some good plays. His first assist came from a pass to the point in which Connor Murphy blasted home. His puck skills are just unreal. I cannot stress that enough. In the third Galchenyuk had some really good plays. He went through the Colts multiple times and had some really smart plays. His second assist came off a beautiful stretch pass to Sarault who set up Boucher.

Overall, I thought Galchenyuk played a great game. Very solid in his own zone, made some good plays. He did have a few turnovers, but apart from those controlled the puck well and made good passes in his own zone. Offensively, he looked head and shoulders above everyone on the ice. His passes, the little flicks, how he pushed the puck forward. He was just incredible. Something that impressed me the most was his speed. He was the fastest player out there. He exploded out of his zone during the breakout. I was really impressed. His acceleration still isn't the best, but his top end speed was easily the best out there tonight. Good game, very impressed with Galchenyuk tonight.

-Connor Murphy was the best player on the ice. He was physical, he moved the puck well and shut down the Barrie offense. He had a beautiful goal from a hard slapper and picked up an assist from a nice feed to Boucher. I was very very impressed. He looks like a man amongst boys out there. He also made some good rushes and made great outlet passes.
-Joshua Chapman was great tonight as well. Very, very solid tonight. Quite a few people were raving about him in the stands. He looked very confident and very smart, made good passes and was physical. I expect him to a much bigger role on Sarnia by the end of the year. He gets better every night.
-Jordan Addesi and Alex Renaud were great tonight. Physical and protected the puck extremely well tonight. Two very smart players who are worth keeping an eye out for.
-Mark Scheifele is too damn good for the OHL. He looks like an NHLer out there. Smarter than every one else. He made so many little smart plays that most would never think of. He's going to be one hell of an NHLer.
-Anthony Camara was up and down tonight. He wasn't physical at all and had trouble controlling the puck. However he did pick up a goal off a terrible turnover. He did good work on the boards too.
-Andreas Athanasiou was excellent tonight. He picked up two goals. One from a great one timer and the other from a beautiful move to create space and then a hard shot. He played surprising physical too, he wasn't afraid of going to the corners at all and battled hard. He used his body surprising well to protect the puck. Incredible hands too.

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