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11-15-2012, 11:14 PM
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Originally Posted by dustrock View Post
Just like the players aren't necessarily unified, neither are the owners.

It's been mentioned (although not for a while) that some owners, like Dolan, hate the lockout and want the season on - probably partially because he's got a shot at winning with the Rangers.

But the core group of guys like Snider and Jeremy Jacobs are in tight with Bettman and they'll back his play to the end.

It would be nice to know how the owners are discussing things like max contracts and UFA status, etc, because teams like Philly and NYR are always going to throw silly money.

You can't just say "owners that lose money are bad businessmen". They are dealing with guaranteed contracts and a salary cap floor they need to reach, regardless of their own team attendance, revenue, etc.

When you get GMs like Tallon driving dump trucks of money on mediocre players just to reach the cap floor, it seems like a broken model to me.
Of course the owners aren't unified. The league is going to concede to spend a lot more in revenue sharing and artificially lower the cap - neither are positive occurences for the Rangers, Leafs, Flyers, et all.

What they are, however, is a group of studied and successful businessmen who know how this works. They have the advantage by simple fact that an inactive NHL hurts the players a lot more than it hurts the owners. A split PA will give far quicker than a split ownership. Problem is the PA's stubbornness.

Also like to point out that it's the "more mature" Steve Fehr and Bill Daly throwing rocks at each other through the media right now. I'd love to see how the Fehr's consider their latest proposal the "concession of a billion dollars" though. Right now the NHL's proposal only has the PA conceding a few hundred million over five years.

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