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11-15-2012, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by RedWings19405 View Post
Just curious how are you certain he hasn't learned from this mistake? I understand being in law-enforcement you come across this and see the holes it leaves in someones lives. But isn't a huge part of what your job supposed to be about correcting people's behavior and rehabilitation into society? Don't forget the other part.
I'm certain because this isn't his first drinking related charge. Unfortunately, my profession gives me a lot of insight into these sort of things- he is making quite the habit of being 'invincible'. We see it a lot from 17-23ish. They are the same ones who think jail is a game... Of course, after their first prison charge, that usually changes... Anyways, I digress.

Reducing recidivism is a HUGE part of our job- hence why I wish they could no bond him. Athletes have a tendency to 'buy' their way out of jail time.... They come into jail, sit for a day, go in front of the judge, get arraigned, pay their bond, and DONE. That's it. To me, that isn't going to do a damn thing. Tell me a 20 year old that has done what Riley has done is going to learn from that...

Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
Haha. Keep preaching sista.

I said Riley Sheahan should get what's coming to him legally. Drinking and Driving is NOT a good idea. It's against the law for good reason.

But thanks to years of shrill screaming by MADD and SADD, the knee jerk reaction to it is over-the-top...
No, actually, you said that we are all overreacting because you did it 25ish times and were fine. It's not okay- no matter how you spin it, it isn't. That crap about "20 year olds will be 20 year olds" is a bunch of male bovine excrement. It's about responsibility- to himself, to his team, and to the people driving around him.

Do you have kids?

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