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11-15-2012, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Gallatin View Post
I figured as much myself, but since I believe this season is screwed, why not focus on the future.

Unfortunately the future looks bleak as well. For instance, what happens if Tangradi or Jeffrey break through next year? Resigning them could be near impossible if the cap is under 60 million as 3 players alone will take up 23 million even before we try to sign Malkin and Letang. Figure at least 15 mil for those two, and even at 60 mil you only have 22 mil left for the other 18 players....

If this scenario plays out, not trading Martin's 5 mil salary this summer could have a devistating effect, cause who's gonna want him after this economic disaster unfolds. We may need every one of those young cheap prospect defenseman come the 14/15 season.
Your entire outlook is way too negative IMO.

Tangradi and Jeffrey both having break-through years? Huge assumption; about 20:1 either has a big season individually and a far bigger long shot that they both do great the same year. The very best odds are that neither will have a break-through season (offensively). They might improve but that's not the same thing as commanding big money. Re-signing them should not be a problem because they've never done anything to command a lot of money and one good (or one half of one good) season is not going to change that.

And no we're not going to play all our prospect D in 14/15. Insanity. Take a deep breath buddy... it's going to be OK (assuming we have a league in two years). If the Cap is low enough that we will struggle to sign both Malkin and Letang, Martin is gone, period. We will release him and eat his salary, if there are zero trade offers (someone would take Martin as a salary dump IMO; he's too good not to) and if keeping him means we can't create a balanced roster / keep our very best players.

Malkin and Letang will be absolute priorities. Martin, Orpik, Fleury, Kennedy are all expendable if it is necessary to sign both Letang and Geno. In fact, probably any three of those guys might go depending on how Shero tries to restructure the team. Other than Orpik you can argue all of the other three are overpriced for what they've brought in recent seasons. All are much easier to replace at their level of performance than Letang or Geno are at theirs. They'll stay, period.

I could see something like this, in the next 18 months if the cap goes way down (I don't think it will go below 60M), and key guys do well in the AHL (maybe into next year if the lockout lasts that long -- giving them extra time to develop further):

Kunitz - Geno - Neal
Dupuis - Sid - Bennett
Cooke - Sutter - Tangradi
Jeffrey - Adams - Glass

Letang - Despres (who I don't consider a prospect anymore)
Nisky - Dumoulin
Strait - Bortuzzo


It would be dodgy at times until those D gelled but it would be worst case what you're seeing here and we'd still be a solid team.

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