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11-15-2012, 10:35 PM
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Originally Posted by awfulwaffle View Post
He gets paid to make field goals, plain and simple.

He missed against the Cardinals, plain and simple.

He missed against the Jets, plain and simple.

What more do you want from a kicker? This hasn't been the Dolphins best game offensively, sure, but they have been able to move the ball with a rookie QB and a rejected WR core most of this season.
I've already conceded the Jets game. He did lose that one for Miami in my eyes. I watched that game.

The FG he missed vs. the Cardinals is a 51-yarder early in the third quarter. After that, here is what Miami did in that game:
  • Punt
  • TO on downs
  • Punt
  • Fumble
  • 80-yard TD pass
  • Fumbled in AZ territory to set up AZ's tying TD drive.
  • Punt in overtime
  • INT in overtime that led to AZ's GWFG

Now I want you to explain to me how one missed FG by Dan Carpenter of over 50 yards is the prime reason why Miami lost the Arizona game. When the Miami offense AND defense did nothing to help the cause. Explain it. I'm all ears. I watched that game in full and know what I watched, and it wasn't Dan Carpenter blowing it.

I also want you to explain to me how in this horrendous game Miami is playing on offense that one missed field goal of 50 yards by Dan Carpenter is the reason the Dolphins will lose. I watched this game too. The onus isn't on Carpenter. The offense SUCKED. One TD drive, in a game where Buffalo couldn't do anything itself but kick FGs? And that's Carpenter's fault because he got put in a long FG situation because his offense sucks?

I also look at the list of 50-yard FGs attempted by kickers this year. Many good kickers in this league that have missed multiple 50-yards would be snatched up in a heartbeat if they were cut by their current teams. Mason Crosby, Adam Vinatieri, David Akers. Heck, Sebastian Janikowski -- Superleg himself -- has missed one over 50-yards.

Your hatred and illogical blame of Carpenter is incredible. I've seen bad kickers who deserved to be cut. Carpenter isn't the person to point a finger of blame on. What next, he lost the Tennessee game, too? He lost the Houston game? Dan Carpenter is the only reason that Miami isn't undefeated?

Give me a break!

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