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11-15-2012, 10:35 PM
Damnit, Jian Yang!
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I finally had to respond to one of these TSN Pro Player guys, Scott Cullen

Scott Cullen ‏@tsnscottcullen

I'm fascinated by NHL assertion that they have moved in the players' direction -- I was unaware of any player gains in CBA proposals.
I had responded that the NHL wasn't technically wrong, only their initial offer was so low that by going up they were, in essence, "moving towards the players' direction". I also had told him that most fans believe that the PA should accept 50/50.

His response?

Scott Cullen ‏@tsnscottcullen

@TheRockLobst3r Some fans believe PA should accept 50-50. Most fans believe contracts should be honoured too.
I've finally had enough of this. I responded that in the last CBA, you know, the one that Fehr likes to bring up saying "The owners got everything they wanted" in the last CBA, DIDN'T PAY OUT 100% of contracts (from what I've understood of the Escrow system).

And that I'm mad at both sides, because they are still fighting over how to split up money that we, the fans, will be giving to them...and it's a shame that the NHL and the PA believes that fans are just going to come back and continue giving the NHL record revenues.

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