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Originally Posted by Hammer79 View Post
If anyone is acting to cement their reputations, it's Bettman and Daly. They are the ones trying to force through the most restrictive contract rights in pro sports. This isn't just a quibble over a couple of percentage points of HRR, which by the way has moved 5-7 points in the owners direction already. The NHL is trying to limit contract length, extend ELC's to 5 years, raise the UFA age and eliminate salary arbitration. Why would Fehr recommend accepting these conditions. If you were in Fehr's shoes, would you?
I think I gave a full account of my take on the contract rights issue two posts ago, so I'll let that stand as my response.

Originally Posted by Hammer79 View Post
Maybe Bettman is angling for David Stern's job in 2014, and has nothing to lose by playing hardball? It's about as plausible as your theory on Fehr.
The difference between Bettman and Fehr is that the owners pretty much have direct control over Bettman. They are a smaller group and you can bet that billionaire businessmen are not going to let an employee do things they do not wish for. The PA, on the other hand, has been in shambles since the last lockout, few players have taken an active role in it, and many probably don't have the background to really understand the issues at hand. These conditions make it possible that Fehr is acting against their best interests.

Anyway, it's not really my theory. I was just trying to expand on the argument that Fehr is bent on destroying the league. As I stated, I think a deal gets done by the end of this month, or mid-December at the latest.

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