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11-15-2012, 10:59 PM
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Originally Posted by ReginKarlssonLehner View Post
I have this unbelievably bad habit of doing my essays the night before at 10:00 pm at the earliest. I have a paper for English due tomorrow and I CAN NOT start unless it's 10:00 pm. Now, it doesn't give me as much time to edit and fix and what-not but I won't work any other time. I've done it so far for my other 2 previous papers so far. 12 am start and 2am start. Got C+ on both but that's not the point.

Has anyone else felt like this? Any tips? I can't keep this up especially when I'll have multiple papers due(Next week I got 2 backtoback haven't even started )
I had a 10 pager due today at 2:30p. I started it basically this morning at 8:00a and couldn't stay focused on it.

Now, I'm not usually this bad at procrastinating. I'll usually start at 7:00p the night before and pull an all-nighter to get it done, but this time I especially couldn't motivate myself because the prof basically blasted my topic a week ago in lecture.

Needless to say, the 3500 word paper ended up being 2800, with barely anything for a conclusion. It was not my best effort.

On that note, I find that there's two ways to get myself to not procrastinate.

1. Just do it. Stop thinking about how ****** it'll be doing it now or how much you'd rather do something else. Just chip away at it a little bit at a time in advance. Maybe research an article on one day, write the intro paragraph a day or two later. As long as you get into a routine of doing a little bit every day or every other day, you're set. It's like trying to go from never working out to regularly working out. You gotta persevere to break the routine of procrastinating.

2. Backlog of assignments. This happened to me in first semester, first year. I had all of my essays due the same week. I think it was something like 36 pages in total. I planned to start them a week in advance, doing 3-4 pages a night to get it all done with time to spare. Ended up procrastinating the first few nights, forcing myself to do essentially 5 pages a night for a solid week to get them all done. First essay was done I think two days in advance. My last essay was finished 20 minutes before it was due. Basically, it's an easy way to force you to work in advance.

Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is, you aren't the only student who procrastinates, so I wouldn't put too much pressure on yourself.

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