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Originally Posted by Gobias Industries View Post
Did the players write their own contracts them and forge Leipold's signature?

They were signed in good faith.

I will never understand individuals expecting players to just roll back their salaries, can you imagine that happening to you by your employer? I know I wouldn't really be keen on it happening.

Anyway, timelines are inconsequential as well. We're all well aware of the ramifications of delaying, but there certainly hasn't been a palpable sense of urgency despite how long it took the PA to get to the table.
I could say the same for the players. Did the owners write their own contracts and forge the player's signature?

All contracts were signed in good faith, and all contracts were signed with the knowledge of how that price line could and probably would be affected by new CBAs. The players made good use of that knowledge to squeeze more money out of the owners.

The league cannot operate as it currently is. In a normal business, cuts would have been made years back. Thanks to the CBA, and revenue growth caused by the decisions and sacrifices of the owners, the players got to keep their system until now.

Instead of looking at it as "I'm losing something now", they should be looking at it as "I got to have something I shouldn't have had for a few extra years".

Players also have the privilege of guaranteed contracts, regardless of play or production.

If I had a job where my salary had almost doubled over the past 7 years, and I was already being paid very well to start with, and the owner said "The business isn't doing so great, so we will have to cut costs. I can pay you your current rate for 2 more years, and then if the business hasn't made enough money by then, I will have to cut your salary by anywhere from 0-12%, or I have to start cutting jobs". You better believe I would take the pay-cut.

The league has continuously made offers while the PA has just sat there trying to win the media war. There is a sense of urgency from the league, but not the players, and that is totally backwards from the way it should be.

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