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11-16-2012, 12:18 AM
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Originally Posted by BudMovin View Post
Actually it does. The lets say the average male is 5'-9.5". 1 standard deviation from the mean height (average) is about 2.8 inches. 1 Standard deviation is about 68% of the total population. So 68% of the population is between 5-6.5 and 6 feet. If you take 68% from 100% you get 32% falls out of that range. Half of that will be less than 5"-6.5" and half of that will be above 6 feet so 84% (68+16) of the male population is under 6 feet tall.

If we go by this previous post here, we find that only 26% of NHL defensemen are 6 feet and under, yet this accounts for 84% of the general male population.

So, yes, being shorter does hinder your chances in the NHL as a defensemen.

Note: I don't think it will hinder Reilly too much. He is the real deal. I am merely warming up for my all-night study session for my calculus exam in the morning by pointing out how illogical your statement is.
That's actually statistics, not calculus.

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