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11-15-2012, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by CpatainCanuck View Post
You're making a straw man argument. The NHL is offering a deal similar to what the NFL and NBA already have in place. You talk as if 50% of league revenue going to the players is slavery. The players are overpaid at the moment, and as a result the owners have leverage. Because of this they will win the lockout. I'm tired of those on the PA's side whining about victimization.
No one's forcing you to read. Just sayin'.

No, you're going off on the NBA and NFL got it, and I'd say well isn't the MLB a pro league too, so why don't they count? And then we'd all realize that the CBAs from those leagues are chock full of things like luxury taxes, soft caps, players exempt from caps, revenue sharing of a massive proportion of revenues.... and TV contracts are much bigger.......

.... then someone would come along and say that league X is nothing like the NHL, so why are we comparing them.

Been there. Done that.
On the question of contract rights: the nhl would be willing to negotiate them when Fehr agrees to a linked 50%. Why would Bettman negotiate that chip when Fehr refuses to even budge at the biggest obstacle in the negotiatons?

Chicken and egg argument perhaps.

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