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11-15-2012, 11:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Johnny Utah View Post
I keep watching these highlights and seeing a D-man for the Monarchs throwing the cold shoulder and big hits every that Bodnarchuk? This dude is a stud. Seems like I can only make out that the name plate on the back is long so I figure it's Deslauries or Bodarchuk.
They have both been crushing people this year. Seems like Nicky D has been getting a lot of slack for them too, haha, I've seen him turn down multiple fights this year after laying down a big hit.

As for Bods, i love the physical way he plays the game. He's looked solid and trustworthy in all three zones. I feel like you can see the former Bruin in him too. He's proving to be a good pick up.

As a side note, I notice that Toffoli has that goal scorers quality to him that the puck just finds it's way to him at the right time for him to get a scoring opportunity. He seems pretty good at getting his shot off, and sometimes creatively, so when he gets more comfortable and finds the hands I could see his numbers improving further. He also has the perfect linemates for him in my opinion. Toffoli being the sniper, with a crafty center in Vey finding ways to get him the puck, and Pearson who's been mucking it up in front of the net there screening/deflecting.

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