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[QUOTE=ITM;55801945]Do some research as to just who Gustavsson was when Burke, and several other NHL clubs were chasing him. It's been repeated and repeated and repeated...Gustavsson was a legitimate blue chip target. Credit Burke for doing what he could to bring him over...Want to find fault with management? Start with Wilson, move on to Allaire...Burke was golden in getting Gustavsson. To repeat: Do some reasearch as to just who Gustavsson was ie record setting SEL goalie that topped Lundqvist's SEL in Henrik Lundqvist.

- I'm well aware of who Gus was at the time Burke was sniffing him out. Yes Gus posted strong numbers in the SEL but that doesn't translate to being a good NHL player, also if Gus is as good as you think then WHY wasn't he drafted? Food for thought on that....

Phil Kessel was and is an exceptional player. Top 6 at the finish of this last season's finish in the scorinf race. One of 4 or 5 five players at the time under a certain age to score 30 or more

- Whoa, back it up there a second, I'm not knocking Kessel's skill the dude is a top 5 sniper and an elite player. What I am saying is he is a ballerina, the guy runs from contact and he won't sacrifice his body for the good of the team, can you really sit there and say otherwise?

Burke's been right about contracts. He's replenished the prospect cupboards like no GM before him in the last 30 years. And on and on...Things take time. And if ever there was a moment to be proud of our GM it's now...Looks positively vanguardian (?) compared to the majority of the league's GMs.

- I will give credit to Burke with contracts he hasn't gone overboard with long terms ones, but at same time if you want elite players to sign here you have to offer them a lot more then 5 year deals.

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