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11-16-2012, 12:23 AM
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So I played the game tonight and my stick handling, passing and dangling are much better with the upper lip height stick with a lower lie, than with my shorter stick!

The reason why is I'm so use to using a longer stick for stick handling, I can tilt the stick and use the toe to move the ball around my body very closely. I can go between two players like this, and once I'm free and clear, I sweep the ball all the way out in front of me and run like mad. It's hard for them to get it because of my reach and speed. I also did a lot of take aways this game which I could rarely do with the short stick. My passes were spot on, and release was pretty quick for those passes. I found it easier to make space to set up lanes as well.

Shooting was alright, full sweeping wrist shots had a lot more power, but sadly I would shoot too high and only hit top left or right. If I didn't lift the stick on follow through, I could hit bottom right, left, and five hole. Middle level shots are very hard...

Now loading the stick for snap shots wasn't bad considering I'm using a flex of 95 after cutting the 85 down. I can flex the stick a few inches, but not much when pushing down. I'm guessing a 65 flex cut down would be around 75 flex and would be much better for me.

Now my forearms are really hurting from using the longer stick, I'm guessing the snap shots. I'm getting a tad bit of pain on my right shoulder, but this might be due to my top hand being up and elbow back which causes some stress on the shoulder. I'll know in a few days if it's really bad or not.

The issues I'm having with shooting is accuracy. When I do a snap shot, I need to do a half follow through to shoot accurately, other wise the full follow through just goes way off and too high. Any reason why this is occurring? I take the ball as I'm facing forward, and the ball is on my left side, I push down on hard while the stick's blade is semi closed to the ground, hard due to the ball size, and push forward with my arms towards my target until they're straight, then snap forward. Fully will cause height and bad aim, but a half follow through improves power and aim for some reason...

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