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11-16-2012, 12:24 AM
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The boys all played better tonight great game Kirby.
I think I have a remedy for Ho Sang, BB if your reading this I think you should make up a drill for Josh that limits his puck possession to 2 - 5 seconds. Move the puck quickly and he will still get it back as you could tell on I think it was Kirby's 2nd goal. Josh will be a superstar when he learns to play with his teamates.
On his one trip up the ice in the 3rd we had forwards breaking over center and Josh was still in our end, and instead of headmaning the puck he decided to move it up himself, at that point there were 5000+ fans, plus our 4 skaters and Saginaw watching him. Thats when the Spirit slashed his stick and broke it.
This kid is the key you watch his moves and his speed and combine that with someone attentive and alert, give and go passing always looking for an opening. Perfect example on the goal mentioned above.

Puck possession 2 - 5 seconds + give and go passing = WINS

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