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11-16-2012, 12:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Blues88 View Post
All valid points St. Patrick.

Admittedly I grow tired of trap hockey, but I became a hockey fan right before the first lockout so seeing teams sit on leads is something I'm accustomed to.

I've never really heard anyone put it like this, but the game from yesteryear (even the 80's) till now, is just more serious. That may be relative (surely it is right?), but it seems like from children to professionals, the game is taught and performed, not necessarily "played" as much as it once was. The NHL, after all, is a business, and with the near limitless global talent constantly vying for under 1000 positions, it was bound to happen. I hope that doesn't sound like a diminishing statement about other leagues, but the NHL is the highest paid, most sought after league in the world. Players go and have gone to EXTREME lengths to get "here".

I will always love the game, whatever form it takes. It may have had a hey day many times over to many different people, but I constantly watch because I feel like every "next season" will be the best I've yet seen. I've rarely been disappointed.
Well, I've always said bad hockey is still better than any other sport. Great hockey is better than sex. Now I've watched hockey since the early to mid 1980s but in recent years I've also made it a point to watch as much hockey as I can from earlier eras so I can judge for myself which form of NHL hockey I like the best. The '80s are still tops for me but the '70s I've found to be just good. It really wasn't until the mid 1990s that it started to take on a form that I didn't like so much. I've also discovered that hockey in the '50s and '60s I wouldn't like as much either since the scoring levels where very much again to what we call the "dead puck era" (though for different reason).

So guess what it really boils down to is watching a lot of hockey from different eras and seeing for yourself what form you like the best. My own nature is geared to like offense.

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