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He says hes building from the net out yet brings in over the hill guys like Gerber/Gus and then tries luring in over seas dark horses, it's as if for goaltending he's just collecting as many as possible and hope one turns out, yet its clear he hasn't done much research into it. Burke says he wants a "beligrent" team yet goes out and gets as many ballerinas (Kessel, Lombardi, Versteeg, Kadri, Connolly) that he can find. The product Burke has promised VS the one that actually exists are two different ends of the extreme, it's like night and day.
Gerber was a waiver pickup to fill in for an injury, and played all of 12 games for Toronto. Gustavsson was a highly-sought after goaltender who had just put up a record year overseas. Also, a lot of finding a goaltender is just seeing what works.

As for your "ballerinas", Kessel is an elite sniper who just finished 6th in league scoring. Versteeg is not soft, and even if you thought he was, Burke also traded him away. Kadri is not soft. Not sure where this idea came from. Connolly and Lombardi are short-term stop-gaps, one of which was acquired to get a free asset.

Meanwhile, he has drafted toughness and character.

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I really think this is Burke's problem, his ego! The guy loves to hear himself speak, and he lets "principles" get in his way of building this team properly. If he would just shut his big mouth and ignore his "principles" I really believe this leafs team would be a lot better then what it is.
None of Burke's policies has hurt the Leafs. Neither has his so-called "ego".

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