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11-16-2012, 01:03 AM
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Market it like the NFL markets itself. Ditch the NBA star-driven model and focus on teams; their rivalries, their histories, etc.

One reason for this is that hockey is a sport where the players wear helmets. Like it or not, this separates the individual player from the fan, but it connects the team closer to the fan.

Also, like it or lump it, NHL players generally lack personality. There are no real "evil" players, or witty players. And to be honest, when you do see the occasional burst of individualism its either looked down on because it's so out of the norm, or squashed entirely because it angers the traditionalists which seem to dominate hockey.

The NHL has some weird dichotomy where it attempts to market individual teams, but at the same time goes out of its way to squash any form of individuality in players. That needs to stop.

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