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11-16-2012, 01:13 AM
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Even though I agree that height factors into your chances of making it into the league, just primarily based on common sense, I'd have to agree with Whydidijoin. You're statistics makes assumptions and a sweeping statement without substantial information.

The biggest assumption is that 26% of a certain only make it in the league when 84% of the male population is of that height. The thing is, you have no idea what percent of that 84% actually play hockey nor what percentage of the remaining 8%(for people over 6 feet if distribution is normal) actually play hockey.

Also it takes height as the only arbitrary value for making it as a hockey player without considerations of other factors that could contribute to, or compound, the discrepancy.
Um, I didn't say height was the deciding factor. I merely refuted a claim that height doesn't matter for an NHL defensemen. It must be of some importance if 74% of NHL defensemen come from a group that represents 16% of the male population. Height is a good tiebreaker when the ability/skill is the same. If you are more normal in size, you have to be more exceptional in ability/skill to separate yourself from the pack. Hall Gill is a terrible skater with stone hands and mediocre at best vision, but he is really tall. Had a nice long career with the skills he had to work with. Can you name any short defenders with his skillset that had any sort of longevity?

Care to use any facts/stats that Whydidijoin used that back-up that height doesn't matter?

And just for the record (again). I don't think Reilly's height will effect him at all. When your skating is that good, it makes up for any of the length/reach that a lankier skater has.

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