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11-16-2012, 01:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Machinehead View Post
They need to get more players. The NHL has plenty of fans. Popularity grows witht he players. I don't have to walk far to see a bunch of kids playing basketball, football, baseball. Now hockey, you don't see that everyday.

They have to get to the cities somehow. That's where the people are.

Now there's alot of fans in the big cities, but a large majority of the American players are coming suburban areas, especially in New York and Massechusetts. You're not gonna see any NHL players from Brooklyn, they're all from Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse.

That's why so many people were *****ing about having Drake as entertainment at the all-star game but I thought it was good for the sport to do something like that.
Drake is from Forest Hill, one of the top 2 neighborhoods in Toronto, I just sold my Loft there and I can tell you, it is no Brooklyn, more Mass and the Upper East side.

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