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I Wish (2012), directed by Hirokazu Koreeda: When their parents separate, two brothers, not quite in their teens, make opposite choices, the older brother choosing to stay with his mother, the younger sibling opting to live with his father. The older brother longs to have the family reunited, though, and thinks he has found a way to make his wish come true. This is a very sweet tempered work by a director not previously noted for his light touch. The brothers and their friends are charmingly natural on screen and the world of children is observed carefully and respectfully. The film is so beautifully shot and gracefully edited that it almost disguises the fact that there is not much going on and little dramatic tension thoughout much of this work. Characteristically, Koreeda is never in a rush to get anywhere, but there is no doubt that some sections of I Wish drag. However, the movie comes together in the end in such an appropriate, believable, and level-headed way that its flaws seem merely unfortunate rather than disastrous.


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