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11-16-2012, 01:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
Not sure how that changes my post. My point was 5 is a pretty high number of teams, i guess you could add them and call it 7 if you'd like.
I can generate 8 teams that should kick the tires, and really only 4 that I think will. It's not that high, but the trade fit makes it really a 0 team list to be fair.

I see:

New Jersey
New York Islanders
Tampa Bay

as all possibilities.

If you look at Canuck needs in order:

#2RW (Ideally a mature rhs playmaking winger)
#3C (Mature with 2-way playmaking skills)
#2RD (Any age....situation on RD is dire)
High-end D Prospects
Center Prospects
#1 picks
LW Prospect

There is not really a good fit with many of those teams.

When you take into consideration salary cap issues, and willingness to trade between teams, it gets downright ugly.

Florida has assets Vancouver could use for the future, same for Edmonton. Toronto has nothing significant for the future they are willing to trade (other than a first) and nothing for the present (Kadri, Colborne etc. don't help much right now). Washington has Mike Green on a big contract and can balance out the deal with Neuvirth.

I consider Florida, Washington, Toronto and then Edmonton in that order as the best fit.

My favourite deal for Vancouver right now is:

Luongo +? for Green + ?

It would allow us to trade one of Ballard or in the worst case Edler, and balance the D out.

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