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11-16-2012, 01:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Timmy View Post
The NHLPA constitution pretty much precludes any actions against Mr. Fehr.

While I love your optimism regarding the season being salvaged, as long as the current infrastructure remains in place in the NHLPA there's zero percent chance of a season this year.

Mr. Fehr wasn't hired to work off of a League proposal, he was hired to make good on the damage that was perceived to be done with the last CBA.
At this point in time, I understand the pessimism. As you allude, Fehr, by getting the constitution that he wanted, one that makes it difficult to remove him from his post, ensured that there will be no coup staged against him as there was against Goodenow in '05.

I don't think a coup is necessary though. The players must know that losing a season is the worst possible outcome for them. When the season is on the line, I have to think a majority of players will make their desire to reach a deal known to their leadership. I don't know how Fehr will be able to justify failing to carry out the wishes of his constituents at that point.

Negotiations will proceed much like they did with the NBA last year. Hopelessness until the last possible moment.

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