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11-16-2012, 02:06 AM
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i voted YES.
But not because i believe it will, but now kinda hope it does for the entertainment factor.
I'm sooo curious to see what would happen if it goes nuclear.
What would Fehr's end game be then?
What would we read from the players.. the media.. the players!

None of the numbers i've run re-the proposals seemed to justify missing 2 weeks of the season... let alone 2 months. So to me we're already in mind boggling nonsensical territory in the process (obviously)..

I've personally already moved thru the denial stage (never thought we would lose a gm), the anger stage (climaxed at the PA/NHL failing to meet prior to the Nov 2nd 82 gm deadline).. Never went through Bargaining or Depression due to Having a Life and taking on a new hobby which likely wouldn't of happened if there was a season - Golf. (also I'm married with a kid with another on the way)

I'm completely in the Acceptance and Indifference stage of the process... just following along to read reactions to any new quotes.. i.e. Daley done with proposals.. and today's 2-week break suggestion... just awesome stuff to read.

Don't get me wrong.. i will likely be back watching once the game returns... in the meanwhile i'm not missing the game AT ALL-honest...

So hoping the game returns.. but kinda curious to see what happens if it doesn't...

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