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11-16-2012, 02:12 AM
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Originally Posted by burf View Post
But they will lose a number of contractual rights. Same amount of money they're making now (but significantly lower than they WOULD have made under the prior deal, which is in itself a giant concession), but with significantly worse contract rights? No idea why the players aren't lining up to sign that offer.
As I've postulated before, if the NHLPA agreed to the basic framework proposed by the Owners regarding the make whole concept, it's my belief (which could be horribly wrong) that the League would give ground in some or all of the ancilliary issues.

Excluding the League's first proposal, the subsequent ones were begging for negotiation if the primary concern of HRR split was dealt with.

There is no requirement for Mr. Fehr to counter Mr. Bettman's offer, and he shouldn't be villainized for failing to do so; however, no deal will be struck until the PA realizes that this is the only way to continue making a living in the National Hockey League.

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