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11-16-2012, 02:15 AM
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Originally Posted by DEANYOUNGBLOOD17 View Post
Right now the Jets currently have the least amount of players under Nhl contracts in the league.

The Jets currently have 40 players under contract ( as per cap geek) . I believe they are allowed 50 Nhl contracts.

The next lowest team NYL has 43 players under contract Coldorado and San Jose have 44 players under contract, Washington and Anaaheim have 45

23 teams have over 47+ players under contract......Ottawa 51 ? Buffalo 52? and Dallas 53? per cap geek. ( I dont Know how these 3 teams are allowed more than 50 ?)
Signed junior aged players (18-19) returned to their teams (CHL, Jr A, Europe) do not count towards their contract limit. So for us, Mark Scheifele does not count as a contract against the Jets for this year or last.

Originally Posted by DEANYOUNGBLOOD17 View Post
Of all our current prospects

2011 chl draft picks have to be sisigned june 2013
-Zack yuen
-Dave Lowery
-Austen Brassard

2012 Chl draft picks need to be signed by june 2014
-luke Sutter
-Scot Kosmachuk
-R Olson

The only college prospect I see signing is Jacob Trouba and Brendan Serville is not progressing very quickly ( IMHO)

I think the Cupboard is a little bare from our Atlanta years and we need to trade Hainsey and maybe some other pending UFAs at the deadline if we are out of it ... Hainsey for sure another 2nd and 3rd in this deep draft would be awesome
Those are the CHL picks. Lowry and Yuen will get contracts no problem, IMO, as will likely Sutter and Kosmachuk. Toss up for Brassard and Olsen, right now I bank no on both, but we'll see. For CHL, Vinny Saporani needs to be signed by Aug 15, 2013, but I agree he is unlikely. Both Jordan Samuels-Thomas and Yasin Cisse have outside chances at contracts as well, due Aug 15, 2014. The Aug 15, 2015 crowd includes Aaron Harstad, Peter Stoykewych and Brennan Serville, little early to be projecting them, but all have mediocre to decent chances at securing a contract. The Aug 15, 2016 ones are Tanner Lane, Jacob Trouba, Jason Kasdorf, Jamie Phillips, Connor Hellyebucyk, much too early to say on any of them, although I'd only bet that Trouba and one of the goalies end up with contracts.

But the fact is, we have too many picks in this draft already. You cannot restock a system in one draft, since then you have too many players at the same age, which will create problems 2-3 years down the road when they face the bottleneck moving into the NHL-AHL system. That's where you get problems with contracts, roster spots, etc. Jets already have 6 picks in the first 91, even if only 4 of those get contracts you likely have 1-3 from the last 4 rounds getting a deal as well, all at the same time, you are introducing too many players at the same time. There is no room to add more picks at this time, IMO. You need quality selections(first rounders), or selections from further down the road(2014+).

And really the cupboard is not as bare as many make it out to be. It's just that many of the youngsters in the system are already in the NHL. It makes it look artificially bare. There is quality youth in the system, it just happens that there was little actual skill so it mostly got forced into top level very fast.

All this, we must deal away all talent for picks attitude, it will get us NOWHERE. This team has languished at the bottom of the standings for far too long, we need to start making progress, 2/3 round picks are not going to be making an impact for 2-4 years, not a huge impact until 3-5 years down the road. That is far far too long, if the team is waiting on that they are doomed, since are core talent will have moved on by then. Another extra 2/3 rounder this year would do nothing (except perhaps cause problems down the line), a playoff berth would be beyond instrumental in learning to win for the young guys like Little, Burmistrov, Bogosian, Kane, Pavelec, etc. Time to step up, we are not an expansion team, this team CANNOT languish and wait for talent, the window to improve with this core will not be open much longer.


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