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11-16-2012, 03:43 AM
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That is what I am saying if I am giving up one of the FAB 4 those are the dmen I want, Karlsson is a good dman but signed to 6.5mil; yes he had a really good offensive year but what are the chances that he does it again, if I am giving up one of the FAB 4 I want a dman that is a bit more proven that is all I mean. How many players have you seen have one good year get the really good contract and then never perform to that level again. That is what I am worried about with Karlsson. Even Souray got 16 goals in one year.
You wouldn't give up any of the fab 4 for a 21 year old Norris Trophy winner (Youngest since Bobby Orr) who is signed to a deal only a half million more per year than Eberle and Hall on the point that he isn't proven? Which of the fab 4 is more proven than him? I'd give up any 1 player on the Bruins for Karlsson. He finished tied for 10th in scoring when the next highest defensemen was tied for 80th. Unreal.

To each their own I guess.

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