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Originally Posted by Iain Fyffe View Post
Absolutely. But to improve something you must first have a firm grasp on its weaknesses. Suggesting a weakness isn't enough, the suggestion has to be supported.

Yeah, that's the tier adjustment that's been discussed. That and the lack of a league quality adjustment (which is arguably the same thing I suppose) are the biggest issues.

No, you're quite right. But you're also right that we don't know how much it throws off the numbers. Which means the frequent claims that this makes AS fatally flawed are currently unsupportable. That's one of the biggest issues in this thread - assumptions about the severity of certain issues, assuming that any potentially small issues is a big problem.

Fair enough Iain, I would never dispute that I have a firmer grasp of what's going on here than yourself, czech, taco and the like, but my main complaint is how they get thrown around, for instance you say that AS are only to determine how much value the goals have in any given year related to the difficulty of the league in general and I think that the AS are probably as close to spot on as one should expect.

It's when posters say that so and so got this many points here and that equals this many here and so on that annoy me. If we can't determine exactly how the distribution correlates on the individual level, then how can we assume that the numbers are an accurate depiction of what's going on if we don't know how they impacted the individuals?

I'm having trouble wording this properly, so bare with me. lol. I get the idea of value ect, but think that the use of AS should be limited to that.

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