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Geniuses, Talent and Population

Originally Posted by lazerbullet View Post
So you don't think that there are more talented people if population is bigger?
Listen, the fact that population is bigger doesn't automatically mean that it produces the best genius. But the odds are higher that it will do and you can't deny it. And odds are also higher that bigger population will produce better 2nd best genius, 3rd best, 4th best and so on. So it's harder for #1 to separate himself from the others.

I don't wish to punish Harvey or any old-timer because they played in smaller league. But many of these discussion have gone absolutely the other way. Not crediting modern players. You can't totally dismiss that it's harder to dominate now than in the 50s. So in the end... if we have two players who have very similar resumes then modern player should get a small extra point. Not the other way around.
Yet while the world population grows at an exponential rate since the 15th century with a greater level of literacy we are still waiting for the next Shakespeare, Mozart, Beethoven or a genius in other domaines that actually set the foundation in their domain. Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates do come close but they built on the foundation set by others - Albert Einstein or forefathers.

Same is true for hockey. Since Mario Lemieux, nothing that recent players have shown is actually unique, different or better. Connor McDavid stands a chance - best lateral movement since Orr, better skater than Gretzky combined with Gretzky like vision and skills.

Extra point for recent players with similar resumees? Quaintly interesting. Extra credit for lesser achievements? Grade-out the Sedins or other top line players of the present era and they inevitably fall well short of having a complete game. Using the Sedins - defensive play, playing without the puck, adjusting to all opponents and you have bottem 2nd liners/high third liners from the O6 era. How does this merit extra credit? Sure they won Art Ross Trophies but a pedestrian Bronco Horvath came close in 1960.

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