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11-16-2012, 06:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Lord Flashheart View Post
Daniel from AC. Heavily criticized Ducks mgmt for taking Lindholm over Dumba, several times.

EDIT: And I think there was pre-draft article, something like: "Dumba is our guy". Or something in that tone.
It's what happens when people read about prospects too much and get the impression they've learned all there is to know to make such decisions. Ducks management and scouting staff get paid to make their evaluations and get things right. When fans like us read all the reports we get, the lines sometimes get blurry, and the meaning of a consensus becomes entirely lost to some. To a degree, I am sure it happens to all of us, but somebody wrighting for a blog really needs to know his limitations in terms of insight. There's nothing wrong with disagreeing on a pick, even early after, but noone should ever forget how meaningless pre-draft rankings end up over time.

Obviously, there's so many words left unspoken regarding how Dumba and Lindholm turn out, but it's quite remarkable how quickly Lindholm has changed a lot of minds since being drafted not even half a year ago. Reaches usually are treated like bad picks for a long time by other fans, and Lindholm receives great reviews.

As it stands now, the Ducks management were simply Hampus-hipsters - they liked him (a lot) before he became cool to the general public, and might be rewarded wealthily for it. And that's what good scouting does, and what general consensus isn't capable of.

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