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11-16-2012, 07:16 AM
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Long time no see guys!

My review of Barclays:

- Wow that arena is beautiful. You walk in, and it's just SO modern. They have 1000000 food stands - everything from kosher deli to your typical arena food. The concourses feel 2x bigger than the Coliseum. It's a little awkwardly shaped because of the octagon, but once you know you're way around it will be real easy to navigate.

- Subway/LIRR HUB was just about the easiest thing in the world. Took the 2 down from 34th St, was there in 22 minutes (I timed it). You follow the giant signs that say BARCLAYS CENTER. Walk up stairs, and you are literally standing right in front of the arena. That's it. There's no weird turns, you're literally just right there. Getting back to the city was just as easy. With all of the transit hubs right there, there's no ridiculous 7 Train after Met games type situation. Also, I could see on the LIRR map that trains were heading back to Far Rockaway and the Main Line (Ronkonkoma/PJ line), but didn't see the whole screen.

- Seating: It's high, but it doesn't *feel* high. Very intimate setting. I was sitting in the upper corner of the "good side," most of the way up, and I was still looking straight at the Jumbotron. The sightlines were perfect for basketball, and will actually be very good for hockey. Because the arena goes up, you can see the court/rink much easier than out. For example, last night I sat behind a guy that was probably about 5'11"/6'0" tall. I'm about 5'7" on a good day - so a clear height disadvantage. I had literally no problem whatsoever seeing the entire game because of the height of the seats and rows. Oh, and every seat has a cup holder.

- Atmosphere was fantastic. Place was very loud at the end of the close game. For hockey, it will be insane - especially during playoff time. Unlike the Coliseum, they spotlight on the playing surface - so all of the rest of the arena feels pitch black. It's like a spectacle, an event you want to be at. This is going to work GREAT with the white ice - will make for great contrast.

- As an FYI, there is plenty of room in the rafters for all our stuff. I have to admit I was picturing it last night. Got the chills, real big smile on my face.

Bottom line - I absolutely cannot wait until we call this place home. If I had any doubts about it, I don't anymore. Yes, there will be problems, and yes, there are some big imperfections attached to it, but the positives WAY outweigh the negatives here. I just can't wait.

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