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11-16-2012, 07:29 AM
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Originally Posted by PhlyerPhanatic View Post
Here's a little Sting PR story for ya..thought I'd share my experience at the SubWay Super Series game...emphasis on SubWay.

I attended Monday's game and sat in section 101. Before the game started I was approached by a Sting PR guy and told our section had been selected for the SubWay section of the game..probably because it's the smallest section in the RBC.

Anyways..I was told how the contest worked and told the answer(they always do this) and also told I would win a 50 dollar SubWay gift card for myself and everyone in my's a SubWay sponsored event..whats a kick out of 50 bucks for approx. 30 people..I think they can afford 1500 bucks. So we all get the cards..everyone is happier than a pig in you know what...until my Dad goes to use his card last night. Why you say?...the card has 6 bucks on it. 6 BUCKS.

Don't mislead people into thinking their receiving something they're not...oh wait a minute...just remembered who I was talking about.

P.S. it wasn't a lost trip...always good chatting with Sting Fire...take care bud. A 6 buck gift card(that I was told was 50) won't sour me away from attending more games at the RBC...still top 3 for me.
I am not sure you can blame the Sting PR department on this one as SUBWAY was the sponsor and responsible for their own merchandise. Either way, its a shame.

Thanks for sharing.

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