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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
so how many norrises, and by what margins, should Harvey have won, before you would admit he was better than a guy who played 40 years in the future?

i know that you are not a Norris counter and take more things into consideration than that.

I will give a more detailed answer on the weekend but in brief the competition keeping Harvey off the all star teams before and after his great run is less than Lidstrom who aged better as well.

Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
It doesn't matter because he doesn't have the respect for Harvey's competition or the league he played in at the time to consider any margin big enough.
Don't be so ignorant.

There is a difference in respect and considering all eras equally.

I readily admit that I never watched Harvey play but with all the information we have on the 2 guys i consider Lidstrom better but Harvey is still a solid top 7 guy and probably higher.

Originally Posted by overpass View Post
If we take it as a given that the Sedins have to play together, I think there's a very good chance they never crack a first line in a 6 team league. Consider how long it took them to become first liners with 30 teams. With 6 teams there are far fewer opportunities for a team to take a chance on turning the top offensive minutes over to a pair of players that basically have to play together.

Even as NHL stars in a 30 team league they were third liners at a higher level of competition when playing for Sweden in the Olympics.
Good point that I have seen before, possibly you brought it up.

I'll add that we can only put the Sedins into their modern context, it's impossible to say exactly how they, or others, would translate back into the 06 era.

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